IP filed

These are the IP’s filed from research projects

Kar, A.K., Ilavarasan, P.V., Kushwaha, A.K. and Sharma, K. (2022). An integrated Fog Computing Based Hybrid AI/ML Method and System for Enhancing User Experience towards Tourism. Indian Patent: 202211006489.

Kataria, A; Kar, A.K.; Chakraborty, A.; Jangra, S.; Ahuja, P.; Kaur, M.. (2021). System and Method for Monitoring Driver Alertness using IoT (Internet of Things). Innovation Patent No 2021100629. Australian Government.

Goswami, D.; Chakraborty, A., & Kar, A.K. (2018). A Smart Knowledge Mentoring System for mapping a Candidate’s Potential into Analytics Job Roles. Indian Patent (Application Number 201811012951). The Patent Office Journal No. 41/2019 Dated 11/10/2019 (47415).

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