Research supervision

My Supervisors

  1. Prof. Ashish Kumar Pani (XLRI) (Supervisor / TAC Chairman)
  2. Prof. Supriya Kumar Dey (XLRI) (Co-supervisor / TAC Member)
  3. Prof. Bijaya Mangaraj (XLRI) (Co-supervisor / TAC Member)

PhD Research Scholars

Doctoral Scholars (Email / Affiliation), Research area (in order of seniority)

  1. B Suresh Kumar (, Amity University), Design and Development of  Bio inspired computing based framework for Web 3.0 Information Management System (completed)
  2. Sheshadri Chatterjee (, Microsoft Research / IIT Delhi), Security and privacy issues in smart cities of India: a proposed IT governance framework (completed)
  3. Syed Ziaul Mustafa (, CoE-CSIA, IIT Delhi), Information Risk Management for Digital Services in Smart Cities (completed)
  4. Mayanka Singh Chhonker (, MNIT Jaipur), Mobile-App Adoption in Tourism and Hospitality: Understanding Influence of Customer Typology based on Uses, Gratification and Risk Perception (Completed)
  5. Purva Grover (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Understanding the Role of Influencers in Social Media: Select Studies using Big Data Analytics (completed)
  6. Bishal Dey Sarkar (, Bharti School, IIT Delhi), Modelling risk issues in port logistics (completed)
  7. Harjit Singh (, TCS / DMS, IIT Delhi), Assessment of E-Government Projects based on multi-stakeholder perspectives. (Completed)
  8. Sudatta Kar (, DMS, Capgemini), IoT Ecosystem in an Emerging Economy: Select Studies in India (Completed)
  9. Umar Mir (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Select Studies for Enabling Digital Identity (Completed)
  10. Swapnil Sharma (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Policy Making For Digital Citizen Empowerment: An Exploratory Study (Completed)
  11. Nimish Joseph ( , DMS, IIT Delhi), Understanding Information Propogation in Social Media using Advanced Approaches Of Analytics. (Submitted)
  12. Prashant Kumar (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Analysing customer satisfaction in social media using big data analytics (Completed)
  13. Manu Kohli (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Machine learning for Autism Detection and Management.
  14. Mohina Gandhi (, Bharti school, IITD), Multi stakeholder experiences in mobile social media applications
  15. Pooja Sarin (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Social Media Addiction and impacts
  16. Anuj Batta (, Quanolytics), Machine learning for stakeholder churn management in digital platforms
  17. Hitesha Yadav (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Orientation of CEOs in Social Media and Impacts
  18. Shivani Thakur (, DU/DEI). Modeling User Generated Content of Firm Leaders for Predicting Firm Performance.
  19. Apurva Jha (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Models to explain Digital Sports Performance using machine learning
  20. Amit K. (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Using Deep Learning for Modeling Information Cascade.
  21. Subhadeep Mandal (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Exploring blockchain based business models for digitazing food supply chain. 
  22. Manikant Roy (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Mental Health in Social Media – A data science approach.
  23. Sudipta Paul (, DMS, IIT Delhi), Text Mining in Social Media
  24. Shagun Sarraf (, Bharti School, IIT Delhi), Service Experience in Mobile Applications
  25. Khushboo Gupta (, IIT Delhi), Digital Public Policy in ESG 
  26. Bibaswan Basu (, IIM Kozhikode), NLP driven policy based theory building
  27. Amit Kumar (, British Telecom), Mobile Applications User Experience and Policy Interventions. 
  28. Surbhi Gulati (, DMS), Machine learning applications for industrial automation.

MBA / MTech / Minor Project Scholars

  1. Himanshu Singhal (2012SMN6679), Information Security Concerns in Digital Services: Literature Review and a Multi-Stakeholder Approach
  2. Sandheep Balachandran (2013SMF6566),  Marketing Strategy Formulation for CHIC CAD – A Media Lab Asia Product
  3. Vivek Gupta (2012SMN6719), Critical Issues and Challenges in Mobile Cloud Computing
  4. Anish S Matthew (2013SMF6565), Marketing Strategy for Shikshan – An Intelligent Tutoring System
  5. Nitin Kumar Singh (2013SMF6793), Online service market: a case study on Getmylooks
  6. Raghav Mohta (2013SMF6546), Exploring multi-faceted risk in e-payments
  7. Mustafa Syed (2014SMZ8416), Information Risk in Digital Services in Smart Cities
  8. Srishthi Gupta (11MSE1153), Using Twitter Analytics to Examine Web Accessibility Issues
  9. Deepanshu Bhatia  (2012PH10837), Exploring the buzz around Cyber Security in Twitter
  10. Rishabh Goel (2012PH10870), Exploring the buzz around Information Risk in Social Media
  11. Akshat Lakhiwal (2014SMF6504), Understanding the discussions of Blogging and Web 3.0
  12. Anuj Gupta (2013SMN6749), A framework to assess cloud service quality
  13. Aditya Juneja (2014SMT6620), Hashtag Analytics- E-Commerce & Mobile Application
  14. S Ganesh (2014SMT6634), Twitter Analytics to generate insights  in the fields of IoT,SEM
  15. Sadhvee Sharma (2013SMN6742), E-Office: A national initiative to bring operational efficiency in Indian Governance
  16. Rajat Jain (2013SMN6949), e-PaymentQual – A framework of Online Payment Quality Measurement for E-Commerce
  17. Shalabh Aggarwal (2013SMN6962), Analysis of the Semantics behind the Virality of Facebook  Posts
  18. Harjit Singh (2015SMZ8209), A Systematic Review of Literature on Assessment of E-Government projects
  19. Nimish Joseph (2015SMZ8338), Understanding and reviewing the National Digital Literacy Mission Programme of India – An impact assessment
  20. Bhartendra Pratap Singh (2014SMN6576), Assessing drivers of quality for mobile payments
  21. Risha Mohan (2015SMF6589), Understanding impact of demonetization  on the Indian Commodity Markets – Insights connecting Twitter analytics
  22. Muskan Gupta (2015SMT6598), An exploration of customer engagement on Telecom – Insights from Twitter Analytics.
  23. Abhishek Kumar (2016SMZ8449), Network Security in Smart Cities: Behavioral Vs. Non-Behavioral
  24. Anirban Mukhopadhyay (2014EE10427). Outlier detection in Health Insurance Data.
  25. Manmohan Meena (2014EE10454). Fraud detection in Health Insurance Data.
  26. Abbas Singapurwala (2016SMF6684 ), A Development Approach for Real Estate Data Visualization using Deep Learning.
  27. Vaibhav Karolia (2016SMF6687), Exploring the challenges and experiences of Service Encounters in the Tourism Industry using Twitter Analytics
  28. Sandeep M P (2016SMF6522), Impact Assessment of Investor Awareness Programme – An empirical study.
  29. Kopal Jain (2016SMF6648), Using Social Media Analytics for the Assessment of SDG orientation of political heads of economies.
  30. Aishwarya Chauhan (2016SMF6691), Exploring the adoption and promotion of grassroot innovations under the RUTAG (Tulsi Mala)
  31. Harikishore V (2016SMF6635), Using Social Media Analytics for Telecom Experiences and Service Encounters.
  32. Shayantu Sinha Roy (2016SMT6635), Using Twitter Analytics for Digital Payment Service Consumption Experiences and Failure Encounters.
  33. Amir Sultan (2015SMN6542), Exploring the application of Deep Learning in Image Classification for Content Virality in Social Media.
  34. Roham Krishna (2015SMN6566), Exploring the application of Deep Neural Networks.
  35. Tushar Dhingra (2016SMT6717), Exploring Social Media Analytics for Telecom Industry
  36. Hasnain Ali (2016CEC2834), Discriminant Analysis using Ant Colony Optimization  – A Focus on Mega Project Management
  37. Ankit Mittal (2017SMF6585), Understanding Economic Impact on Nations where Migration is Happening.
  38. Abhilash Garikapadu (2017SMT6632), Understanding determinants for migration across EU economies.
  39. Divyansh Jain (2017SMF6686), Understanding Social Discussions for Circular Economy
  40. Kiran Kewat (2017SMF6630), Understanding Social Discussions for Future of Work
  41. Khushbu Dhingra (2017SMF6604), Social Media Analytics for understanding challenges in Indian tourism
  42. Sneha Dinker (2017SMF6574), Social Media Analytics for Digital Payments – Inputs for Policy
  43. Pratyaksh Arora (2017SMF6687), Understanding determinants of ambidexterity of business from UGC.
  44. Naveen Solanki (2016SMN6642), IoT Applications in Thermal Power Plants.
  45. Deepak Kumar (2017SMN6518), Cyber Security in Digital Services
  46. Navin L (2018SMF6571), Blockchain applications in insurance industry
  47. P Amareswar (2018SMF6622), Migration and impacts in Germany Economy
  48. Honey Chawla (2018SMF6623) Migration and impacts in Netherlands Economy
  49. Shrinkhal Gupta (2018SMF6545), predicting cryptocurrency prices using social media analytics.
  50. Vinay Birhman (2018SMF6591), Digital Empowerment using Global Digital ID
  51. Ankush Bagley (2018SMF6628), Review of Artificial intelligence applications in Healthcare
  52. Hemaabh Sethi (2017SMN6545), Blockchain in Banking Sector.
  53. Ashwani Gupta (2019SMF6652), Social media sentiments and covid spread
  54. Hitesh Luthra (2018SMN6508), Case Studies on XORB & GoMechanic
  55. Murli Thogata (2019SMT6678), SLR of Blockchain on Smart Contracts and Industry 4.0
  56. Suhas Ashoka V Gannavarapu (2019SMT6669), Marketing Analytics for Channel Attribution and Churn Modeling
  57. Nimeshkumar Thakkar (2019SMF65550), ESG Impacts on European Nations
  58. Sahil Bhutani (2019SMF6625), ESG impacts on Industrial Growth
  59. Saikiran Patirla (2020SMF6623)  Aftermath Of Karsu Bridge: Challenges After Implementing A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Tool
  60. Harshal Patil (2020SMF6644 ), Doubtnut – Case Study
  61. Rohit Kumar Jana (2020SMF6645), Nurture.Farm: Using Smart Information Technologies For Sustainable Agriculture Management
  62. Sathwik H R ( 2020SMF6657), Phasio: Digitalizing Additive Manufacturing Workflow
  63. Boyina Ajay Kanth (2020SMF6720),  Innovaccer: Transforming Health Care Through Cloud Solutions
  64. Harsewak Singh Panesar (2019SMN6680), IBI Group’s Pivot to Technology
  65. Akhil Sharma (2019SMN6599),  Techieminds: Differentiated Learning
  66. Shriansh Srivastava (2021SMT6588)  Applications of Federated Learning in different business functions
  67. Rashmi Pant (2020SMN6733)- Digital Twins – A review of capabilities and use cases
  68. Shweta Joshi (2020SMN6737) Applications of Generative AI- A review of trade literature
  69. Ria (2021SMF6503) How artificial intelligence (AI) is used in social- commerce – A systematic literature review
  70. Nandini Sidana (2021SMF6582) Internet of Behaviours: A Literature Review
  71. Aryaman Singh (2021SMT6589) Diffusion of Metaverse in Core Functional Areas of Business Management. 
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